Security…a headache…

Security…a headache…


It took me more than 3 days in order to implement the password protection function in our Work sections. It’s not as easy as I though before as there are bunch of issues need to tackle.

  1. I cannot use the build-in login feature of WordPress as it’s user base and it only protect the contents of a post not the whole sections of the site.
  2. I can use simple password check in php but user have to enter their password every single time when hey read a post…it’s kind of annoying.
  3. As this is just a simple password protection page I do not want to go for the path of “full on” database, MySQL user login authorization hassle.

Eventually I found a simple, prefect solution –  Simple Authorization Script. This is FREE, easy to install and highly customizable. I highly recommend this if anyone looking for simple password script like us.

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