On-line Recipe Frustration

On-line Recipe Frustration


I was a little annoyed after following a bread making recipe from the internet and it went totally failure. i followed the exact proportion & the cooking method but the bread turned out was rock hard and i can’t help to throw it all to the bin. i knew something was wrong when i mixed all the ingredient together. The dough was very dry but i thought that the recipe must be right as it said so from the internet ! In the end, i figured out there’s may be a typo in the recipe !! Ha. The other day, i was trying to make a lemon meringue cupcake for my office party. It was the same result and i can see my colleagues try hard to finish the cake.

It makes me wonder how accurate the recipe you can find on the internet. And now i learn a lesson and figure out a way to eliminate my chance of failure :

1. cross reference with 3 -5 recipes – sometimes people just having a typo. it’s good to compare what & how much ingredient is generally use for the dishes

2. find a video – i’m not a big fan of youtube but when it come to cooking recipe is the best self taught method i can think of.

3. check forum & comments to see if others find the same problem as you do

4. got to say sometimes buy a recipe book is all what you need !
i highly recommend this book from Bourke Street Bakery

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