How internet change graphic design

How internet change graphic design


I’m surprised to know a couple of graphic designer still have no idea
what is all the fuss about web. But i have to say really, web has
become one of the most prevalent promotional media. it’s a flexible
platform to promote product and can be personalized to suit the
audience. Lately, i’m excited to see web design changed the way we do
graphic design.

This is one of the most prominent changes i felt lately. The logo
colour is not only determined by how it looks on print but also in the

You can’t do it all by yourself
I hate to say this but some client believe that they can do a decent
logo design by Microsoft word. However, web design you certain can’t.
You have to hire a pro to get it right. So web design changed the
dynamic a bit, my client came to me for a website design and get
persuaded to redesign their logo as well !

User experience & interactivity
Print design always like an one way traffic. The most interaction with
print design is the user to read or fill out a form to mail in. but
web totally changed this perspective. We want to know instantly how
the audience response the campaign. To do this on a print platform, we
have something call QR code which i will mention below.

QR code
QR code is an easy gateway to connect print to web. QR code which is a barcode can be
read by camera phones then redirect your phone to the web page. This is nothing new and i saw quite a lot of poster have QR code on them lately !

Well, it’s interesting to see how web change our way of design and for
certain there will be more and more in the future.

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